tt blog2Who is Trent Travis?

I strive to be an authentic person in whatever I do.  Lately I’ve been exploring sexuality, love, and intimacy, and the challenges these subjects present are also great gifts to my personal growth and path towards authenticity.  I tend towards edges in my life, and certainly it is where I’m heading with these big three concepts.  I am currently working and playing as a webcam model.  The Puritan ideals of the country I was raised in do not make engaging in this an easy task, and I am often humbled by my own patterns of guilt that sometimes bubble to the surface.  Yet, just like everything in life, I watch the tides within me ebb and flow and change with the seasons, or transform when new insight breaks through walls the culture around me has constructed.  I want to break free.  I want live what’s in my heart.  I want to love.  Really love.  

What is the purpose of this website?

As you explore this website, you might notice how unconventional it is.  The things I’m combining are not typically considered complimentary.  I want simultaneously explore and express my sexuality while encouraging others to join me and hold hands on the journey.  Videos of me flashing my ass can be found just as easily as my thoughts on deep intimacy.  The two are not separate to me.  Why should our bodies be any less “deep” and substantive than the thoughts and feelings that we have?  Why shouldn’t sexuality be light and fun and liberating while still encouraging us in many moments to feel our way past the superficial?  It is my belief that it is our minds that divide and judge, and that there is not inherent morality and immorality.  There is only practical and impractical.  Does me being naked or fucking on camera in and of itself inspire others, for example?  Perhaps in some ways it does.  It can arouse and excite people and maybe inspire them to be a little less inhibited in their sex lives.  It can just inspire someone to jerk off and enjoy a moment of pleasure.  There is not a distinction in inspiration to me.  One form is not “higher” than any other.  We are all moved in different ways.

That being said, perhaps someone initially comes for the ass but then gets to know the person.  Maybe this reshapes and remolds their perceptions of what intimacy is.  Maybe now they see other asses and think about the person who is dropping their pants.  Perhaps some curiosity comes about: “What does this person think about?  What drives their desire?  Who are they deep down?”  Maybe we can reshape the narrative around sexuality.  Rather than it being something to hide and be shameful of, or to compartmentalize and objectify, we can work towards blending the spirit with the body again.  Most of live in cultures of objectification, which I am not judging as wrong by any means.  But I believe our spirits want to be free.  Can this happen through the objects?  Or is it another process altogether that will get us “there?”  And where is “there?”

In that sense, what I do here could be a very practical venture — one in which new soul explorations are encouraged.  And who knows?  That could create a ripple that affects more than just individual minds.

In this world of shifting consciousness — as people open more and more to understanding desire and what it means to truly embody love — I want to be one voice that joins the chorus towards greater self-awareness.  I want my spirit to have wings to fly with the rest of the world when it bursts wide open and only the sky remains.

And along the way, let’s fuck, let’s talk, let’s be vulnerable and real.  Let’s drop the shame and the guilt.  But don’t stay stuck!  Let’s open ourselves to more possibilities.  And maybe this website can be one forum for that to take place.  Maybe.

~ TT


2 Responses to About

  1. I love your philosophy, TT, openness, frankness, demeanor and smile! As you know, I visit your other page very often. I first went in because of your smile, stayed because of your friendly open attitude, and came back because of your welcoming, loving demeanor. It’s kinda neat, because I learned I could be a real person in “cyberland” that treats people with love and respect, and I found that I could love someone just for who they are and not just on how they appear. I’ve been reading your blog, as well, but this is the first time I came into the “about me” section! Love you, rahrah

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