Learning Men, Part 5: Rub-A-Dub-Dub

Waking up the next morning with Lee, his arms wrapped around me, I felt so at home.  There was a new openness in my heart, a kind of certainty about what he meant to me.  We were closer than we had ever been, and we basked in the morning light, our faces glowing with pleasure just being in each other’s presence.

“Morning, handsome,” he said lovingly.  Though I now felt closer to Lee, I still knew that he loved me more deeply, more passionately than I loved him.  But, even so, I allowed myself to receive his care and tenderness fully because it felt like a blessed gift to be appreciated so much.  Though there was the possibility of his love overwhelming me — it had before — I wasn’t afraid of that happening now.  I just enjoyed it all, unhesitatingly.  “What do you want to do today?”  He asked, putting my needs first as he always did.

I shared with him my fantasy about Stacy.  How I wanted to be with her and him at once, to feel the erotic energy of a woman while experiencing the touch and presence of a man.  Of course, Lee was excited and more than willing to help make my request happen.  We decided we’d invite Stacy over to the apartment again that night.  We were both aware that Todd might come, too, depending on what Stacy wanted, but we were just as happy with any scenario involving him, too.  A few texts later, the plan was set: Stacy and Todd were coming over in the evening for naked hot tubbing and drinks.  Lee and I were ready to have some fun, and we hoped the other two were of the same mindset.

Evening came quickly.  Lee and I returned to the apartment at dusk after walking around the city and seeing more of Lee’s hometown, including the neighborhood he grew up in.  Seeing this part of Lee’s life made me care for him even more, the tattered buildings and poverty-stricken atmosphere shocked my sensibilities.  I’d never seen anything like it.  He told stories of being stuck in between two skin colors, how being half-black meant he was never good enough for either race.  Even his own family had chastised him for the color of his skin, badgering him to drink more coffee to turn his skin darker.  Black kids would tease him for being too white.  White kids would harass him for being too black.  Knowing these things helped me have more compassion for Lee’s political rantings the night before.  It made sense that he would be so passionate.  He had a lot to overcome in his life, and he learned to be hardened to survive in the world.  But with me, he softened and displayed his vulnerable, even submissive side.  The intensity and contrast of Lee’s coping skills both intrigued and perplexed me.  I knew had a lot to learn from this man.

Stacy and Todd arrived at the apartment shortly after Lee and I.  Everybody hugged and greeted — the energy of the group felt promising.  We mixed up some drinks and headed to the hot tub, everyone undressing.  I tried not to gawk at Stacy’s voluptuous body, her beautiful full breasts and curvy ass instantly causing pulses in my cock.  She was even more gorgeous than I’d imagined.  Her nipples were perky and so suckable that it took everything I had to prevent myself from engulfing them in my mouth.  Her shaved pussy revealed a tight, tempting slit that I could practically feel my tongue slipping into.  Todd, a similar skin tone to Lee’s, also had a beautiful body — a broad chest and round bubble butt.  His hairless appearance down below stood in contrast to the natural look Lee and I had, and his cock stood at half-mast upon dropping his pants and underwear.   Operation “naked hot tub foursome” was underway.  Things were looking good so far.

5134377We drank, we talked, we laughed.  The warmth of the water made it easy for the guys’ cocks to playfully sway back and forth below the surface, half-hard and ready for action.  Even so, things were relatively platonic for quite a while.  Finally, I decided to make a move, asking Stacy if I could rub her feet.  She was happy to accept my offer.  She moaned pleasurably as I caressed her soles and played with her toes.  I met eyes with Lee.  He nodded and smiled adoringly.  I looked over at Todd.  His eyes appeared to be emotionless.  Maybe Todd needed to warm himself up to the idea of Stacy being given attention by two other men.  I asked Todd if he wanted a shoulder rub.  He welcomed it, and after a while he appeared to be feeling more comfortable.  Lee then moved in to take over for me, which gave opportunity for Stacy and I to exchange some touch.  She sat in front of me while I caressed her shoulders and back.  She moaned approvingly.  I glanced at Todd.  I couldn’t get a full read on him, but he seemed to be okay with everything.

After a few minutes, I moved my hands around Stacy until I was grasping her breasts.  She moaned once again and titled her head to the side, inviting my lips to meet her neck.  I rubbed her firm breasts and began sliding my hands down her abdomen, feeling her belly button and the softness of her hips.  Then my hands wandered to her inner thighs, and she moaned more loudly, shaking a little from her arousal.  She wanted it.  Bad.  So I obliged, my hand gliding over her smooth, delicate pussy lips.  My fingers made their way into her slit and felt up her clit, which was throbbing and firm.  Her pussy juices mingling with the water felt like a sort of ephemeral silk as it surrounded my fingers and then dispersed.  My rock hard cock pressed into her ass crack, as my fingers went deeper inside of her.  Then, all of the sudden she said, “I have to pee.”  She hurriedly hopped out of the hot tub and went to the bathroom.  I was confused.

But then I looked at Todd and realized what she had seen.  His eyes seemed very sad, almost hopeless.  He wasn’t ready to see her with another man, let alone two.  He didn’t need to say anything.  His face said it all.  So we decided to relax and just call it a night.  Stacy and Todd got their clothes back on and prepared to leave.   Even though it was a long shot, I decided to ask Todd how he felt about just me joining them in bed without Lee.  (Lee had told me this would be okay, as he just wanted me to be happy, and he wanted to hear the hot story afterwards.)  But Todd wasn’t feeling it.  “It’ll happen sometime,” he said. “Just not tonight.”

Damn.  Operation “naked hot tub foursome” fail.


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