Learning Men, Part 4: First Taste

It’s been said there are three things you shouldn’t discuss if you want to remain polite in the company of others: sex, politics, and money.  In my circle of friends, we talk about sex all the time.  No big deal.  Money is a subject not really important to any of us, so it’s hardly ever mentioned.  Politics, on the other hand, comes up occasionally.  And when it does, there is almost always a divide that happens.  That night in Lee’s hometown, in the romantic, luxurious apartment we had rented, sitting with our new friends, that familiar divide began after a brief mention of a hot-button political issue by Lee.  Katherine had an opposing opinion to Lee’s.  And the two went at it.

I’d never seen Lee being so passionate about something.  He’d usually been calm, sweet, somewhat docile around me.  To see him in that moment — his hands furiously waving around and voice being raised — I was shocked and very uneasy.  Katherine certainly felt the same way, according to her body language.  It seemed the others in the room sensed it as well.  Stacy tried multiple times to deescalate the situation to no avail.  I remained an observer mostly, actually a little embarrassed by Lee’s insistence that his position was the correct one.  Sometimes it’s best just to agree to disagree, but it didn’t seem like that was going to happen.  But what did happen is this: it got late, people got tired, and it was time for our friends to go home.  And it was obvious at that point that my fantasy of group sex with Stacy would not come to fruition.

As soon as Stacy, Todd, and Katherine departed, Lee was back to his sweet, loving self, and he reached to embrace me and kiss me.  I pulled away.  I needed to tell him how I felt when he had been arguing his political position.  It just isn’t attractive to me when a person digs their heels in and cannot reason with others.  I prefer people to get along, rather than be “right” about any given thing, and so I expressed all of this to Lee.  He reacted defensively, although he was much softer than when he had debated with the others before.  For a half hour we talked in the apartment hallway, leaning against opposite walls.  Then we had a breakthrough.  Lee saw my point, apologized, and took responsibility for being so passionate about his position, that he had forgotten the whole point of the evening was to connect with the others in the room.  From my perspective, his actions appeared to have the affect of driving people away.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “Thanks for helping me see that.  I just want you to be happy.  That’s what’s most important to me.”

At that moment I felt something for Lee that I hadn’t felt since the first time I kissed him — gratefulness for his vulnerability.  To see him soften in the way he did after being so passionate and emboldened drew me close to him.  It told me that he was able to accept feedback and make changes, which is a very important aspect of being in a loving relationship for me.  And all of the sudden, I wanted him.  I wanted his lips, his body, his cock.  I wanted to make love to a man — really make love — for the first time in my life.

men loving

I looked lovingly into his eyes, grabbed his hand and walked him the bedroom, gently guiding him to lay on the bed.  I mounted him and kissed him sensually, expressing through my lips the way I felt in that moment.  I touched his body all over as I kissed him — his chest, arms, abs, thighs, ass, and slid my hand over his cock.  Our lips still touching, I began stroking him slowly.  I played gently with his balls and pressed onto his taint now and again.  Lee was rock hard, his cock continually pressing against my stomach.  Feeling him this way made me want him even more.  So I began to move my lips to his neck, to his chest and nipples, down to his naval.  Lee was moaning and breathing heavily, saying my name over and over, his whole body tensing in anticipation of where my mouth would go next.  I began to explore below his belly button, his tightly curled pubic hairs, his inner thighs.  I still felt the warmth of his cock in my hand as my mouth came closer and closer.  Without any hesitancy, I knew where I was headed next.

I licked Lee’s throbbing cock up and down.  He moaned even more loudly.  I nibbled my way down to his balls and filled my mouth with each one, stroking him more with my hand.  My tongue once again traveled up his shaft and finally I took his cock into my mouth, slowly sliding up and down.  His precum tasted musty; its wetness made my mouth slip smoothly over his head with every pass.  I felt Lee’s hand on the back of my head as went down him, pressing me further and deeper into his cock.  I could feel him deep in the back of my throat.  “I’m going to cum,” he said.  Being uncertain about tasting another man’s cum (I hadn’t even tasted my own at that point), I removed my mouth and started jerking him off.  My saliva mixed with his precum making the perfect lubrication.  And he came hard, his cum shoot up into the air, spilling all over my hand, some dripping off the sides of his chest and abdomen.  I held his cock and leaned closer to him for a kiss — the combination of his cum on my hand and his lips touching mine was incredibly erotic.

I grabbed some tissue and cleaned up Lee’s huge load.  “Now it’s your turn,” he said as he laid me down and began kissing my body all over, making his way to my cock.  He started sucking me all the way down to the bottom of my shaft, my cock half-hard, entirely engulfed by his mouth.  He looked up at me with a determined yet somewhat pleading look.  “I want to taste you.”  I lifted my legs for him, and his dug his tongue into my asshole — my first ever rim job.  It was an odd kind of pleasurable tickle for me.  Lee enjoyed it thoroughly, coming up now and again to kiss me and let me taste myself.  This turned him on even more.

After an hour of playing with each other in bed, Lee and I ended up cuddling, ready to sleep, both of us feeling so connected to each other.  Thoughts filled my mind as I drifted off: I might be in love with this man; I might really have feelings for him; I might have Lee in my life for a long time to come.  Being intimate with Lee that evening — how comfortable it was — had me excited for more.  The thought of Stacy joining us still danced in my head.  I wondered what she was up to the next evening.


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