Learning Men, Part 3: Meet the Family

It was a hot and humid time of year to be in Lee’s hometown, and the AC in our apartment provided us with ample opportunity to sleep in and snuggle in the mornings.  Being the heavy sleeper that I am, I often awoke mid-morning to Lee meditating beside me or showering.  He would greet me with a warm smile and welcoming eyes.  “Morning, handsome,” he’d say with a sweet, endearing tone, his beautiful naked body painted by slivers of sunlight peeking through the slightly-parted curtains.  I felt lucky to be so adored, but I also felt undeserving in some regard since I was not feeling sexually drawn to Lee.  But he didn’t seem to mind at all.  The way he put it: he was in love with my heart.  Sex didn’t matter.  I felt totally relaxed around him, and any pressure I perceived was 100% manufactured in my own mind.  When he and I showered together, his erect cock would rub against my ass as he soaped down the entire front of my body.  Why didn’t I get an erection, too?  Was I really attracted to Lee?  Or was I fooling myself?  Of course, these questions in my mind only made me more nervous about the whole situation, so I tried my best to not give them any attention.

While one layer of questions in my mind involved being sexual with this gorgeous and charming man, another layer that I had to confront was the ever-blossoming romantic connection we shared.  Could I really be in a relationship with a man?  What would my friends and family and strangers on the street think?  Was I ready for that level of “being out” in my explorations?  These questions intensified even more when Lee and I traveled across town to visit his family.  Lee had told me they were expecting me and excited to get to know this person that he’d fallen in love with.  Knowing what I meant to Lee and how his family was sure to perceive me, I was entirely uncertain about how I would feel.  But upon meeting them, my concerns melted away, and I was greeted with open arms.  Still, part of me felt more like a best friend to Lee, not necessarily his boyfriend or lover, and so it was odd to be introduced to his family as a romantic partner.  While he didn’t directly tell them that’s what I was, he did inform them that I was a very, very special person in his life, so they no doubt understood that to mean I was his boyfriend.  Though I was willing to be open to the possibility, I wasn’t quite settled with that designation.  Lee, on the other hand, was more than ready to be more official.  He didn’t pressure me, but knowing that he was so deeply committed challenged my ability to be relaxed about he and I.  I began to feel dizzied by the pace of everything.


After a few days of exploring the city with Lee, meeting his family, and having lots of heart-to-heart conversations, the night came to meet up with Stacy, who was finally able to get time away from her busy schedule.  In addition to working a lot, Stacy had also been juggling two relationships with two men, and her emotional turmoil due to the tension between these two partners caused her a great deal of stress.  She was excited to spend time with Lee and I, but she also wanted to make sure to spend time with her partners.  The week Lee and I were in town was also the week that one of her partners, Todd, was visiting her.  Since they had not been able to see each other often due to living in different cities four hours apart, Stacy asked if Todd could also come over to spend time with Lee and I.  This would also provide opportunity for Todd to get to know me, as he’d only heard about me previously.  Stacy also wanted us to meet her best friend and roommate, Katherine.  Lee and I had no problem with any of that, so that night the three of them came over to the apartment.  We mixed up some cocktails, and sat down like a newly formed dysfunctional family.

Everyone was clicking pretty well as the night progressed.  We told stories and laughed.  It was like a gathering of old friends.  For an hour, everyone was just hanging out and talking.  I wasn’t sure how everyone was feeling, but I knew what I was interested in — Lee and Stacy, in bed with me.  Todd wasn’t exactly my type, but I felt comfortable with his presence, as well.  My first indication that Stacy felt the same way came in the form of a subtle shift of her body position.  Stacy was on the couch between Todd and I, and in a relaxed, sensual manner, she sighed a bit while slowly laying her head on Todd’s lap and putting her gorgeous legs and feet onto mine.  I felt my cock throb a little.  I looked up at Lee, and he smiled a knowing smile.  Katherine was definitely the odd person out, as she wasn’t giving any hints of wanting to be involved more intimately, but the sense was that she was prepared to leave any time and give the rest of us space to do our thing.

The night appeared to be going in a promising direction.  That is, until someone brought up politics.


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